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Ski service, ski rental, depot & storage, skins - Equip your ski service business. Provide winter sports enthusiasts with carefree fun on the slopes.

Ski service

Better grip, optimum turning ability, longer service life, more skiing safety. MONTANA ski service robots professionally prepare skis and boards. Automated or manual - the choice is yours.

To Ski Service

Ski service machine CRYSTAL MAGIC

Ski rental and storage

Planning a new rental, storage or store system? Get precise plans and design proposals for your dream system - In 3D and AR.

Ski Rental & Storage

MONTANA Ski Rental & Storage

Climbing Skins

Make every ski tour an exciting winter sports experience with MONTANA climbing skins and attachments. Since 1939, MONTANA has been manufacturing high-quality climbing skins, attachments and adhesions.


Climbing skins from MONTANA

"We have built up a really good name with the MONTANA ski service robots in recent years. Our customers put up with long journeys for our service quality."

Natascha and Peter Perner, Management Sport Buchebner

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