Care and accessories

To ensure that you enjoy your MONTANA climbing skins for a long time, here are some tips on care and an overview of our climbing skin accessories

Material and durability

Mohair is considered the name of the hair of the Angora goat. This natural fiber is the specific lightest fiber. Unsurpassed properties for climbing skins 100% mohair climbing skins guarantee the best gliding and climbing properties Mohair- mix offers longer life, as synthetic fibers are more abrasion resistant.

For high-quality climbing skins, a service life of 60 to 100 tours can be assumed. However, there are also experiences with well over 100 tours. The life span is also dependent on the snow condition (powder snow, hard snow, ice, firn, etc.) the length of the tours, the weight of the tour skier and the care of the skins. Used climbing skins can be disposed of with household waste.

Care of the climbing skins before the ski tour

Optimal care of the climbing skins before the ski tour:

  • As soon as the adhesion of the adhesive layer decreases, for example, due to extreme cold - or pollution or before long, multi-day ski tours - we recommend renewing the adhesive layer.
  • The climbing skins should not be mounted on surfaces with wax residues, as this reduces the adhesive strength of the adhesive layer.
  • Pull off wax residues imperatively with an acrylic blade.
  • For waxing your touring skis use the MONTANA impregnating wax. Never a wax with fluorine, silicone or similar additives.

Care of the climbing skins during the ski tour

Optimal care of the climbing skins during the ski tour:

  • When mounting the climbing skins, make sure that the ski base is dry and free of snow crystals. Brush and press the climbing skin well against the base from the tip of the ski. In repeated mounting, warm the climbing skins beforehand on the body.
  • In extreme temperature fluctuations and when changing from wet to dry snow, stud formation can occur. Prevent this by using impregnation wax on the pile side.
  • The SKINNY protective stocking guarantees easy handling when putting on and taking off the climbing skin. It applies in particular to external influences such as strong winds.

Care and storage after the ski tour

Optimal care and storage of climbing skins after the ski tour:

  • Wet climbing skins must not be stored in the skin bag for a long time.
  • After the ski tour, you should let your climbing skins dry well in the air hung at room temperature. Then apply the skinny or protective film and store them in the skin bag. De adhesive layer of the climbing skins remains therein protected from dirt, drying and UV radiation.
  • To prevent the formation of studs use GLIDE PLUS before the next ski tour, this is an aqueous solution and can freeze at low temperatures. That is why you should apply GLIDE PLUS only at home on the dry climbing skins and never on the ski tour.

MONTANA climbing skin care before ski touring 

For optimal preparation of touring skis, we recommend removing excess wax and cleaning the base with wax remover.

MONTANA climbing skin care after the ski tour 

Store only dry ski skins in the MONTANA skin bag. Wet or damp ski skins after the ski tour in each case let dry in the air and then store in the skin bag.


Climbing skin accessories for before, during and after the ski tour.

1 /
Skin bag for climbing skins Store your climbing skins safely in the MONTANA skin bag after the climbing skins have air dried.
Glide Plus - waterproofing and lubricant for climbing skins MONTANA GLIDE PLUS: impregnating and lubricating agent for better glide and less water absorption and lugging.
Impregnating wax for climbing skins MONTANA impregnating wax increases glide, prevents stud formation and can be used to wax the ski base.
Adhesive for climbing skins With the MONTANA adhesive you renew minor wear of the adhesive layer of repeatedly used climbing skins.
MONTANA Skinny Stow your climbing skins on the mountain uncomplicated and fast with the MONTANA SKINNY: protects the adhesive surface from dirt.
Protective film for climbing skins Store your climbing skins for a long time without contamination and drying out of the adhesive layer: MONTANA protective film
Soldering iron with spatula attachment Use the soldering iron with spatula attachment to effortlessly remove the old adhesive coating before recoating climbing skins.
Transfer tape for climbing skins Adhesive layer heavily soiled or decreasing adhesion? Renew this uncomplicated with the MONTANA transfer tape.
Protective net for climbing skins Protect the adhesive layer of your climbing skins from dirt and drying out in the long term with the MONTANA protective net.

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