When closing time really becomes closing time

Karl-Heinz Greil has been a sports retailer for 26 years, with headquarters in Deggendorf for 6 years. Originally started with a ski school, ski rental and ski service quickly emerged as the main business areas. Meanwhile, his company includes several locations.

For quite some time, Greil used single machines with disc, which, however, required a lot of time and a certain skill in handling. As a result, ski service was left until he and his team had the peace and quiet after hours to carefully prepare the skis.

With the new MONTANA CRYSTAL ROCK, those days are now over. "As we're doing this interview right now, skis are being sharpened. That would not have been possible just a short time ago" he tells enthusiastically. The new ski service robot can be operated by significantly more employees, and the source of human error is virtually eliminated with the machine.

The switch from Disc to GRIPtech has led to a noticeable improvement in the quality and sharpness of the side edges as well as the rideability of the ground skis, says Karl-Heinz Greil. Above all, he admires the consistently high quality as well as the focus on different ski types. "The bow structure grind was preset on my previous machines from another manufacturer - the wider the ski, the more it pulled the grind down at the edge. The CRYSTAL ROCK now grinds the structures on a freeride ski just as it does on narrower skis."

Quality is his trademark, Greil reports. It's the feature that sets him apart from the crowd. Even though the high quality means he doesn't have to worry about prices, he's glad he didn't have to raise his prices despite the new machine. He can now simply offer more service, such as a race finish or even service for cross-country skis and snowboards.

This, in turn, fits well with his company philosophy: his customers should receive the greatest benefit, the greatest pleasure, the most beautiful skiing experience through the best product. He also likes to show his customers live on the machine how the skis are prepared.

In addition to the service robot, he has also equipped his ski rental shop with storage systems from MONTANA. He is pleased that after years of personal acquaintance with Florian, our consultant, he has finally come together in business. He also felt confirmed in his decision by the cooperation with the service team. Instruction, training and also a backup problem took place competently, quickly and at eye level.

 We at MONTANA thank you very much for this great feedback and look forward to further cooperation.

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