New CRYSTAL ROCK for Sport Schrey

Since the Kaelber family took over Sport Schrey, founded in 1905, in 1928, ski service has been a core business of the company.

At that time they started in the garage: grinding skis, milling edges, waxing bases - first by hand, later also with manual machines. Then, from 1999, the first fully automated ski service machine supported them. Since then, Sport Schrey with the currently managing brother and sister Niki and Dirk Kaelber is located in the industrial park Pforzheim.

In sustainability and upscale consulting Dirk Kaelber sees the future. He describes the company philosophy in an interview with "Besser geht immer". The Kaelber siblings not only want to meet their customers' expectations, they want to exceed them. While their employees have long ensured this with their expertise, their new MONTANA ski service robot CRYSTAL ROCK now makes this possible on the technical side as well.

Dirk is particularly enthusiastic about the side edge processing. Grinding in a vertical direction creates a particularly advantageous sharpness and edge geometry. "GRIPtech has convinced us. We always had grinding robots with disc wheels before and the problem was always that you had an optical, visible grinding structure of these wheels," he explains.

"GRIPtech is a blast, how this grinding quality is visible without any streaks or streaks. The quality on the edge afterwards when driving: Insanity. So we are absolutely convinced of this product!"

For him, the machine is also characterized by the fact that it conjures up the original grinds of the individual brands in the pavement. This also applies to popular grinds such as Pirelli, bow or rocket grinds. His customers often want to have the original grind of their ski model again and are thrilled that this is now possible. Those interested in the technology are also welcome to come to Sport Schrey to watch their skis being prepared.

In addition to the ski service robot, Sport Schrey also purchased the DMG Plus binding adjuster and Prosharp's skate grinding machine through MONTANA.

He describes his collaboration with MONTANA as follows: "Very competent reception, a lot of time invested, down-to-earth fitters who understand what makes us tick as dealers." The chemistry is right, as he has found at MONTANA exactly the quality that he offers for his customers.

We thank you very much for the interview and are very happy about the excellent feedback. The full interview is available here:

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Sport Schrey with new ski service machine MONTANA CRYSTAL ROCK
Sport Schrey with new ski service machine MONTANA CRYSTAL ROCKSport Schrey with new ski service machine MONTANA CRYSTAL ROCK