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MONTANA climbing skins

With passion and the Swiss dedication to quality

Montana Climbing skins
Climbing skins

MONTANA has been producing high-quality climbing skins since 1939 with a substantial combination of innovation and tradition: from the first products made of seal skin, to the modern mohair or synthetic skins, through to the strap attachment and the new practical MONTANA SKIPIERCING.

With the MONTANA climbing skins and attachments, every ski tour becomes a safe, stylish and long-lasting winter experience – ski touring professionals all over the world already know this, such as Dani Arnold.

Dani Arnold

Dani Arnold

Dani grew up in the mountains of the canton of Uri. Even as a small child, he loved climbing. After apprenticeship as a mechanic, he wanted to spend more time in the mountains. So he took courses to become a mountain guide. His speed record in the Eiger Nordwand brought him international recognition. Since then, he has been a professional mountain climber, mountain guide, and speaker all around the world.

More about the adventures of Dani Arnold, extreme sportsman, can be read here:

A real life report

We're at just about 3000 meters above sea level in the Fünffingerstücke region in the Canton of Uri, Switzerland. The conditions are perfect for a skiing tour, with snow and sunshine against a breathtaking
mountain landscape. I had the opportunity to put the MONTANA climbing skins and the latest innovation from MONTANA, the Ski Clamp, through their paces. My summary: A top product developed with the Swiss love of innovation. The perfect accompaniment for any skiing tour.