Fastening systems

Fastening systems of MONTANA climbing skins

Product overview

Montana Ski Clamp / Tail Clip
Ski Clamp / Tail Clip
Montana Skipiercing / Tail Clip
Skipiercing / Tail Clip
Montana Tip loop / Tail Clip
Tip loop / Tail Clip
Montana Split Clamp Tip and Tail
Split Clamp Tip and Tail


In addition to the well-known tip loop system, MONTANA now offers the newly developed PIERCING system for the attachment of skins. The SKIPIERCING is mounted at the tip of the ski, and the skin is attached to the ski tail using the TAIL CLIP. The PIERCING system for split boards functions in exactly the same way. The Piercings are extremely easy to attach to the tip of the ski and provide perfect hold for the skins, keeping them fixed in place. Thanks to the unique MONTANA SKIPIERCING, no snow can get under the skin, even in extreme conditions.

We also have the ideal solution for those using the tip loop system: the TIP LOOP / TAIL CLIP for skis and the new SPLIT CLAMP TIP AND TAIL attachments for split boards.