Ski Clamp / Tail Clip

Ski Clamp / Tail Clip

Ski Clamp

The new universal skin fastener from MONTANA  is the newly developed Ski Clamp. It's made of
chromium stainless steel, it's easy to handle, and it can be flexibly adjusted to different ski tips.
This new system eliminates the need for a wide selection of clips for the variety of widths of
ski tips. The Ski Clamp fits any current touring ski. With the new Ski Clamp, your skin is fastened
tightly to your ski, making it the perfect accompaniment for your ski tour.

End attachment

End attachmentSpecially developed bar-adjustable rubber band with tail clip.


End attachmentOn the Easy version, the climbing skin levels off at the end of the ski. The end attachment is omitted.


1Quick, stable and easy fitting of the climbing skins to the skis.
2The ergonomic cut of the skin leads to a superior snow displacement. Due to the aerodynamic cut MONTANA enables easier gliding and saves on weight.
3The snow is prevented from getting between the skin and covering thanks to the compact stick-on skin until the ski-tips. No attachment system on the sliding surface.
4Thanks to the extendible rubber band, the clip is reliably attached at the end of the ski. The clip is individually adjustable with bars on the rubber band. A special tear-resistant fabric is inserted in the sewed area of the rubber band which guarantees a secure connection to the climbing Skin.
5A lightweight fastening system that fits all current touring skis, with different widths and tip curvature.