Skipiercing / Tail Clip

Skipiercing / Tail Clip

The stable climbing skin with the simplest attachment

Skipiercing / Tailclip


The SKIPIERCING / TAIL CLIP is a new development which is attached to the tip of the ski through a pre-bored hole using a countersunk screw. The climbing skin is mounted over the Piercing using a wire loop which is sewn to the skin using a tear proof tarpaulin. The end of the skin is fixed to a rubber band with ratchet adjustment, which clips over the tail of the ski. On the ski base side, it is the only climbing skin attachment method which enables the adhesive to be applied right up to the tip of the ski. The resulting stability prevents the skin from being lifted or displaced.


  • Suits all types of skis and split boards
  • Flexible for all ski widths, ski radiuses and ski rounding (twin tip)
  • Selection of different tip loops no longer necessary
  • Absolutely resistance-free gliding as the skin attachment is not on the bottom: advantageous for the touring skier who wants to be the first to leave his tracks in the powder snow
  • Stable attachment at the ski tip, which prevents the clip from being knocked off or detached accidentally
  • No snow between base and skin
  • Fast, simple attachment and removal of the skin
  • Existing holes in skis (K2, Ski Trab, Völkl, Rossignol, Dynastar) can be used and provide a double function for rescue sledges
  • Unique attachment, with new designs and decorative possibilities (e.g. engraved company logo)
  • Refinement and enhancement of the touring skis

End attachment

End attachmentSpecially developed bar-adjustable rubber band with tail clip.


End attachmentOn the Easy version, the climbing skin levels off at the end of the ski. The end attachment is omitted.


1Quick, stable and easy fitting of the climbing skins to the skis or splitboard. The cutting or unhinging of the bracket is not possible.
2A straight forward attachment system to suit all skis and splitboards. Flexible for all widths, radius and curves. The piercing is unique in terms of its function, design and configuration.
3The ergonomic cut of the skin leads to a superior snow displacement. Due to the aerodynamic cut MONTANA enables easier gliding and saves on weight.
4Thanks to the extendible rubber band, the clip is reliably attached at the end of the ski. The clip is individually adjustable with bars on the rubber band. A special tear-resistant fabric is inserted in the sewed area of the rubber band which guarantees a secure connection to the climbing Skin.


As an additional service, MONTANA also offers the branding of piercings. You can promote your company by adding your own logo.