Tip loop / Tail Clip

Tip loop / Tail Clip

The simple climbing skin attachment with tip loop system

Tip loop / Tailclip


With the MONTANA TIP LOOP / TAIL CLIP, the appropriate tip loop is sewn on with tear-proof tarpaulin fabric at the tip end. At the ski tail end, a clip with a ratchet-adjusted rubber band is mounted. By pulling lightly, the tension on the clip can be ideally adjusted so that the skin is uniformly attached to the ski.

End attachment

End attachmentSpecially developed bar-adjustable rubber band with tail clip.


End attachmentOn the Easy version, the climbing skin levels off at the end of the ski. The end attachment is omitted.


1Metal bracket to suit the ski tip with tearresistant tarpaulin material.
2Thanks to the extendible rubber band,
the clip is reliably attached at the end of the ski. The clip is individually adjustable with bars on the rubber band. A special tear-resistant fabric is inserted in the sewed area of the rubber band which guarantees a secure connection to the climbing skin.