Skin qualities

MONTANA skin qualities

All MONTANA climbing skins offer perfect hold on both skis and splitboards and stand out with their varied designs.

The climbing skin MONTARACE HIGH SPEED consists of 100% mohair, is very light and fast.
The MONTASPRINT is made of natural mohair fiber and is unbeaten when it comes to gliding and climbing capacity. The MONTAMIX climbing skin is considered to be the robust all-rounder with its mixture of mohair and synthetic fibers. Those who want an even more robust skin for even less money can rely on the MONTANYL pure synthetic fiber climbing skin.

Product overview: Allround

Montana Montasprint
Montana Montamix Adrenaline
Montamix Adrenaline
Montana Montamix Orange
Montamix Orange
Montana Montamix Grey
Montamix Grey
Montana Montanyl

Product overview: Racing

Montana Montarace High Speed
Montarace High Speed
Montana Montarace Super Glide
Montarace Super Glide