Montamix Adrenaline

Montamix Adrenaline

The robust all-round climbing skin for all types of snow

Montana Montamix ADRENALINE


The mixture of mohair and synthetic fibers makes the MONTAMIX ADRENALINE particularly robust and durable. The inclusion of nylon increases the life span and provides excellent climbing properties with good gliding characteristics at all temperature ranges. The MONTAMIX ADRENALINE guarantees a safe climb on all types of snow.


  • Revolutionary glueless adhesive 
  • Quick and easy application of the climbing skins 
  • Sticks as securely as necessary but little as needed 
  • Cold weather resistant and residue free 
  • Washable without loss of adhesiveness 
  • No protective covering required during transport or storage 
  • Easy and uncomplicated handling 

Further information about FUSIONTEC

Skin analysis

1Fibrous web + fiber pile
Fibrous web is available in three different versions:
> 100 % mohair
> mohair mix (65% mohair / 35% nylon)

During the weaving process, the fiber pile is set in one direction. This is what makes the «climbing and gliding» possible. The fiber pile is given a hydrophobic treatment and stays consistently water repellent.
2MONTANA Special
«MONTANA Special» prevents the lateral fraying during the cutting of the climbing skins.
3Waterproof laminate film
The waterproof laminate film is a reliable protection barrier against the entry of water. It means that the climbing skins also stay dry in wet snow.
4MONTANA composite
MONTANA composite is made of technically superior materials. The sophisticated bond is waterproof and ensures a flexible and supple ski skin at extremely low temperatures. MONTANA composite is reliably bound together with the base fabric over the laminate and provides the basis for the FUSIONTEC technology.
5FUSIONTEC – the ground-breaking ski skin coating with a multitude of advantages:


  • Adhesion is not based on glue
  • Ideal fixation of the ski skin on the ski surface (adheres as firmly as necessary but as little as possible)
  • No residue on the ski surface
  • Adhesion is resistant to cold temperatures
  • Washable without a loss of bonding (can be reactivated)
  • Transport possible without net cover or film
  • Simple and easy handling 
MONTANA Skins bag

Skins bag

Your dry climbing skins can be safely stored in the MONTANA skins bag. Once your skins have dried in the open air, you can store them cleanly away.

MONTANA Glide Plus

Glide Plus

The MONTANA GLIDE PLUS is the ideal impregnating and speed wax for mohair and nylon plush. It reduces the uptake of water, decreases snow clumping and improves the gliding properties of the skin. Video tutorial

MONTANA Impregnating wax

Impregnating wax

The special MONTANA impregnating wax improves the gilding properties and prevents snow clumping on climbing skins. It can also be ironed on to plush and be used to wax the ski bases. Video tutorial

MONTANA Adhesive


The MONTANA adhesive repairs small signs of wear on the adhesive surface of well-used climbing skins. Video tutorial



The MONTANA SKINNY enables fast and easy storage of the climbing skins when on the mountain. It simplifies the attachment and removal of the skins and protects the adhesive surface from soiling. Video tutorial

MONTANA Protective foil

Protective foil

The MONTANA protective foil protects the adhesive surface from soiling and drying out and thereby enables the correct, long-term storage of climbing skins.

MONTANA Soldering iron with spatula attachment

Soldering iron with spatula attachment

With the MONTANA soldering iron with spatula you can easily remove the old adhesive layer before recoating the climbing skins. Video tutorial

Transfer tape

Transfer tape

The MONTANA transfer tape can be used to re-glue the adhesive surface of climbing skins when they are soiled or are no longer sufficiently adhesive. Video tutorial

MONTANA Protection net

Protection net

The MONTANA protection net protects the adhesive surface from soiling and drying out and thereby enables the correct, long-term storage of climbing skins.