Crystal S / SR

Crystal S / SR

The stone grinding machine with memory function for base grinding of skis and snowboards

Crystal S / SR - stone grinding machine for ski and snowboards


The MONTANA CRYSTAL for the preparation of skis and snowboards is available in two models:
CRYSTAL S (= standard stone grinding) and CRYSTAL SR (= race stone grinding). The SR can
be programmed like a robot and can grind an almost endless number of structures, which can be conveniently saved on a memory card. That is why the CRYSTAL SR is used by various World Cup
racing teams. The machines stand out thanks to their particularly easy operation and the
pneumatically regulated pressure system.


  • Variable controlled stone speed
  • Variable pneumatic pressure system
  • Pneumatically controlled dressing tool depth adjustment 1/100 mm - 6/100 mm
  • High-precision structuring system for the grinding stone
  • Pneumatic lift off cylinder for feed unit
  • Variable feed speed
  • VARIO structures (CRYSTAL SR)
  • Chip card (CRYSTAL SR)
  • Pro memory card with 9 programmable grinding
  • Stone dimension: 300 x 340 x 125 mm


  • Compressor

Technical data

Power:7 kW
Voltage:3 x 400 volt / 50/60 Hz
Fuses:3 x 16 A
Tank volume:90 liters
Stone width:340 mm
Stone speed:300 to 1'700 rpm
Cutting speed:8 to 20 m/s
Feed:5 to 25 m/min
Compressed air:min. 6 bar, 80 l/min
Length:2'591 mm 2'611 mm*
Depth:928 mm
Height:1'462 mm
Total weight:580 kg incl. coolant mixture