Monty Extruder

Monty Extruder

The practical hand unit for base repairs

Monty Extruder - the practical hand unit for base repair


The MONTANA MONTY EXTRUDER is the ideal basic unit for repairing damage to polyethylene bases. Thanks to a nozzle width of 40 mm, half-width coating is possible. The wide pre-heating zone guarantees optimal hold of the repair material. In addition, the repair wire is automatically transported.


  • The fast and handy repair system
  • Easy to use
  • High precision temperature control
  • Best possible resole quality thanks to electronically controlled temperature
  • For 3 mm P-Tex wire
  • The ideal addition to the MONTANA automatic resolers


  • Use of 5 mm P-Tex wire

Technical data

Power:450 watt
Voltage:1 x 230 volt / 110 volt
Total weight:3 kg