MRS 180

MRS 180

The space-saving automatic base resoler for cost-effective base repairs

MRS - the space-saving automatic base resoler


The MONTANA MRS is compact and easy to operate – and those are not the only reasons why it is ideal for smaller service operations: the automatic machine enables the cost-effective repair of bases for both skis and snowboards. The speed of resoling, material quantity and pressure setting are all infinitely adjustable.


  • 180 mm wide melting head
  • Positive filling makes sure that you always have enough material on the base
  • Continuously adjustable feed speed
  • Variable speed of wire-feed especially good for carving skis to save material
  • Adjustable pneumatic pressure up to 60 kg
  • Low melting temperature i.e. no damage to base material, saves energy
  • Ventilation system included
  • Double wire feed means higher capacity
  • Use of 5 mm P-tex wire
  • For all skis such as telemark to wide skis and carving skis as well as snowboards


  • Automatic unloading
  • Compressor

    Technical data

    Power:2.3 kW
    Voltage:1 x 230 volt
    Fuses:10 A
    Compressed air:6 bar, 20 l/min
    Length:2'941 mm
    Depth:789 mm
    Height:1'440 mm
    Total weight:195 kg