P-Tex Speedmaster II

P-Tex Speedmaster II

The automatic resoler with high capacity for base repairs

P-Tex Speedmaster II - automatic resoler with high capacity


For the base repair of skis and snowboards. They can be repaired in one working operation without templates. P-TEX SPEEDMASTER II is a very efficient and economic solution because resole speed, material supply and pressure can be regulated variably. The capacity of > 60 per ski per hour is possible thanks to a genius loading system and no waiting times in the process.


  • The split head allows the winter sports equipment to be adjusted better, regardless of the insertion position, so that curved snowboards, for example, can be processed better.
  • Preheating the equipment with an infrared lamp
  • Loading with pivoting technology to avoid non operating times
  • Rebase- and material transport-time and pressure can variably be regulated
  • Low melting temperature i.e. no damage to base material
  • Integrated smoke deductor with ventilation
  • Positive resoling for best repair results
  • 5-fold wire transport
  • Easy operation via touch panel
  • Programs can be stored for ski and board resulting in easy handling


    • Compressor

    Technical data

    Power:8.3 kW
    Voltage:3 x 400 volt, special voltage via transformer
    Fuses:3 x 16 A
    Compressed air:6 bar, 50 l/min
    Length:3'094 mm
    Depth: 1'298 mm
    Height:1'584 mm
    Total weight:480 kg