Challenge Max

Challenge Max

The service robot with automatic loading

Challenge Max – robot with automatic loading


With a wide grinding stone and automatic loading, the MONTANA CHALLENGE MAX is the ideal starter model for smaller and medium-sized workshops. The robot processes both skis and snowboards.


  • Automatic loading
  • PowerVac system for the suction of all ski and snowboard surfaces
  • Automatic stone grinding with pressure curve for 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard
  • Racing ski mode with computer-controlled speed curve
  • Double-sided edge grinding with pressure curve
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment for the side edges
  • Base-beveling High-Tech Tuning (HTT) of the side edges
  • Integrated remote servicing module


  • Compressor with refrigeration dryer
  • Oil mist suction system
  • Gravity filter system

Technical data

Specifications:automatic loading
Power:max. 14 kW
Voltage:3 x 400 volt / 50/60 Hz, special voltage via transformer
Fuses:3 x 25 A
Tank volume:250 liters
Stone width:320 to 340 mm
Stone speed:300 to 1'900 rpm
Cutting speed:6 to 32 m/s
Feed:5 to 30 m/min
Compressed air:min. 6 bar, 600 l/min
Length:5'760 mm
Depth:1'598 mm
Height:2'096 mm
Total weight:2'390 kg incl. coolant mixture