Crystal One

Crystal One

The economical step from a manual service machine to automation

Crystal One


The new CRYSTAL ONE robot has been specially designed for workshops that have always worked with manual machines. Stone grinding is performed on a 160 mm or 180 mm wide stone with 4-fold VARIO structures. The side edges are ground with ceramic belts running over gliding blocks. The subsequent HTT tuning guarantees best and consistent MONTANA CRYSTAL GLIDE FINISH quality. With this step into automation, service is performed on a combined stone grinding and tuning unit that is extremely space-saving, requires minimum man-hours, and is safe and highly economical. The compact length of the CRYSTAL ONE makes it fit into the smallest of workshops.


  • PowerVac system for suction of all ski surfaces
  • Automatic stone grinding for 1 ski with pressure curve
  • 4-fold VARIO structures
  • Double-sided edge grinding with pressure curve
  • Two-sided High Tech Tuning (HTT) of edges
  • Compact length


  • Gravitational filter system
  • Compressor with refrigeration dryer
  • Oil mist suction system

Technical data

Power:max. 7 kW
Voltage:3 x 400 volt / 50/60 Hz, special voltage via transformer
Fuses:5 x 16 A
Tank volume:250 liters
Stone width:160 to 180 mm
Stonde speed:300 to 1'900 rpm
Cutting speed:6 to 32 m/s
Feed:5 to 30 m/min
Compressed air:min. 6 bar, 600l/min
Length:5'360 mm
Depth:1'651 mm
Height:1'998 mm
Total weight:1'950 kg without coolant mixture