Crystal Onyx

Crystal Onyx

High Performance Ski Service Robot

Crystal Onyx


The two grinding stones makes the CRYSTAL ONYX service robot the optimal machine for pure ski service at rental stations and shops with high service volumes: the output of 45 pairs of skis per hour with 4 stone contacts ensure an efficient process.

The service process is fully automated including automatically measuring the ski length – so the 7 plates adapt to the shape of the ski and ensure fast and safe operation. The built-in PRO-technology uses 2 stones to ensure a perfectly plane ground and structured shovel and tail on all ski models including rockers and
twin-tips. The side edge is then ground to RACE EDGE quality using the new, revolutionary GRIPtech  system: for a precise, sharp, and durable edge.

The new 3D-High-Tech-Tuning (HTT) with PRO technology opens up entirely new tuning options in addition to radial tuning. To finish, the ski is automatically waxed and polished. The ONYX with 2 stones and wax aggregate combines high output with ultimate service quality.


  • Highest throughput: 45 pairs of skis per hour with 4 stone contacts
  • Large 15“ touch display with intuitive navigation
  • Automatic length recognition
  • PowerVac system for suction of all ski surfaces
  • Automatic stone grinding for 1 pair of skis with pressure and force curve
  • PRO-technology for especially careful grinding even at the ski tip and tail
  • GRIPtech for RACE EDGE quality side edge preparation
  • High Tech Tuning of edge coats with force curve and 350 mm tuning stone
  • 3D tuning for radial tuning and variably adjustable tuning angle
  • NC-controlled servomotors for shuttles
  • Waxing and polishing unit
  • Integrated remote maintenance

Advantages GRIPtech system

  • Precise and steady angle
  • Outstanding RACE EDGE quality surface
  • Grinds all functional areas from shovel to tailLongest lasting sharpness
  • Grinding is gentle on the material
  • Maximum output with consistent quality
  • Excellent results even on corroded edges
  • High cost efficiency
  • For skis and snowboards
  • Ultimate skiing and snowboarding pleasure


Further information about MONTANA GRIPtech system




  • Compressor with refrigeration dryer
  • Oil mist suction system
  • Automatic cooler

Technical data

Power:max. 17.3 kW
Voltage:3 x 400 Volt / 50/60 Hz, special voltage via transformer
Fuses:3 x 30 A
Tank capacity:425 liters
Stone width:180 mm
Stone speed:300 to 1'900 u/min
Cutting speed:6 to 32 m/s
Feed:5 to 30 m/min
Compressed air:min. 6 bar, 1'100 l/min
Length:7'997 mm
Depth:1'796 mm
Height:2'047 mm
Total weight:3.900 kg