Crystal Rock

Crystal Rock

All-round robot for small and medium-sized shops

Crystal Rock


The wide grinding stone makes the CRYSTAL ROCK the optimal system for small and medium-sized shops. Also ideal as it can be used for both skis and snowboards.
The new GRIPtech system for the side edge provides a leap in quality in ski and snowboard service: creating a precise, sharp, anddurable RACE EDGE quality edge. Together with radial tuning it delivers an edge with unique properties.


  • PowerVac high perfor-mance multi-vacuum system
  • Automatic pre- and finish stone grinding with pressure curve for 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard
  • Racing ski mode with speed curve meets world cup standard
  • GRIPtech system or conven-tional belt aggregate for double-sided edge grinding
  • Stepless side edge
  • Two-sided High Tech Tuning (HTT) of edges
  • Radial Tuning
  • Integrated remote servicing module

Advantages GRIPtech system

  • Precise and steady angle
  • Outstanding RACE EDGE quality surface
  • Grinds all functional areas from shovel to tailLongest lasting sharpness
  • Grinding is gentle on the material
  • Maximum output with consistent quality
  • Excellent results even on corroded edges
  • High cost efficiency
  • For skis and snowboards
  • Ultimate skiing and snowboarding pleasure


Further information about MONTANA GRIPtech system


  • Compressor with drying system
  • Oil mist suction system
  • Belt filter system
  • Automatic cooler

Technical data

Power:max. 11 kW
Voltage:3 x 400 volt/ 50/60 Hz, special voltage via transformer
Fuses:3 x 16 A
Tank capacity:250 liters
Stone width:320 to 340 mm
Stone speed:300 to 1'900 u/min
Cutting speed:6 to 32 m/s
Feed:5 to 30 m/min
Compressed air:min. 6 bar, 600 l/min
Length:5'730 mm
Depth:1'391 mm
Height:1'998 mm
Total weight:2.240 kg