Saphir II W Pro


The service robot with two grinding stones, automatic loading, waxing unit and optional RACE EDGE unit

Saphir 2 W Pro – robot with 2 grinding stones an waxing unit


The MONTANA SAPHIR II W PRO provides a comprehensive ski service: automatic loading, two wide grinding stones, a waxing unit and an optional RACE EDGE unit. With a capacity of 40 pairs of skis per hour with four stone contacts, the state-of-the-art SAPHIR II PRO is the perfect machine for preparing skis and snowboards. The ski length is measured automatically and the PowerVac suction system adapts itself accordingly to all ski shapes.
With the RACE EDGE technology, the side edges are prepared with high precision and fulfill the highest demands of the ski racing world. All SAPHIR models include our PRO technology which, thanks to a precision pressure curve, controls the amount of material removed even more precisely in accordance with the geometry of the ski. In this way, the harmonious movement  of the grinding stone follows the contour of the ski shape during the grinding process.


  • Automatic ski length recognition
  • Automatic stone grinding with pressure curve for 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard
  • PRO-Technology for particularly material-friendly grinding in the ski tip and tail areas
  • Grinding of the side edges for skis or snowboards with freely programmable pressure curve
  • Base-beveling High-Tech Tuning (HTT) of the side edges
  • Racing ski mode with computer-controlled speed curve for preparation to World Cup standards
  • Integrated remote service
  • Space-saving, high-capacity unit

Advantages of the PRO technology

  • High-precision pressure curve for the latest ski and snowboard models such as rockers, twin tips and rocker boards
  • Thanks to CNC technology, each stone can be separately, individually and finely adjusted
  • Twin tip grinding from shovel tip to ski tail
  • Options: CNC-controlled dresser feed with stepper motors for grinding and tuning stones for even more precise dressing
  • Large 15" touch monitor with simplified and clear operation
  • Network-enabled PC control with Windows Embedded 7

Further information about MONTANA PRO technology: further info


Optional RACE EDGE technology

  • Burr-free polishing
  • The ski is fully prepared to race standard by the machine
  • Angle adjustment in 0.5° steps
  • Function areas of ski are also polished
  • Uniform polishing result
  • Rotational speed 15,000 rpm
  • Programmable closing time
  • Electronically controlled pressure curves for precisely defined grinding pressure at the grinding point

Further options

  • Gravity filter system
  • Compressor with refrigeration dryer
  • Oil mist suction system

Technical data

Power:max. 22 kW
Voltage:3 x 400 volt / 50/60 Hz, special voltage via transformer
Fuses:3 x 35 A
Tank volume:550 liters
Stone width:320 to 340 mm
Stonde speed:300 to 1'900 rpm
Cutting speed:6 to 32 m/s
Feed:5 to 30 m/min
Compressed air:min. 6 bar, 1'100 l/min 1'200 l/min*
Length:7'830 mm 8'270mm*
Depth:1'934 mm
Height:2'207 mm
Total weight:4'560 kg incl. coolant mixture

* Model with RACE EDGE unit

Saphir II W Pro with RACE EDGE unit