Race Edge

Race Edge

The compact ski service machine for the perfect side edge race finish

Race Edge - perfect side edge race finish for ski


The new, MONTANA RACE EDGE compact finishing unit is the ideal automated single machine for producing the perfect race quality finish to the side edges. Side edges polished by a RACE EDGE
machine delight winter sports enthusiasts who have the highest demands.

The same polishing technology is used in the RACE EDGE as in the SAPHIR service robot and the


  • Burr-free polishing
  • Race skis prepared to competition level
  • Angle adjustment in 0.5° steps
  • Functional areas of ski are also polished
  • Uniform polishing result
  • Programmable closing time
  • Electronically controlled pressure curves for precisely defined grinding pressure at the grinding point

Technical data

Power:2 kW
Voltage:3 x 400 volt
Fuses:3 x 10 A
Tank volume:20 liters
Polishing disc speed:up to 16'000 rpm
Compressed air:min. 6 bar
Length:2'823 mm
Depth:773 mm
Height:1'353 mm
Total weight:380 kg incl. coolant mixture