HTT 3-D Finish

HTT 3-D Finish

The service machine for the perfect side edge finish on skis and snowboards


With the MONTANA HTT 3-D FINISH, you can grind, tune and polish ski and snowboard side edges cleanly and can also individually adjust all edge angles for side edges and tuning. The HTT 3-D FINISH functions with the same HTT tuning discs as the MONTANA grinding robots. Hence, the side edges are ground and the base edges are accurately tuned and polished to a high finish.


  • Precision base edge beveling angle adjustable from 0.5° –1.5°
  • Angle adjustment from 85° - 89°
  • Easy side edge sharpening and polishing
  • 1 unit with 3 positions

Technical data

Power:1.5 kW
Voltage:3 x 400 volt / 50/60 Hz
Fuses:3 x 10 A
Tank volume:30 liters
Length:950 mm
Depth:780 mm
Height:1'440 mm
Total weight:160 kg