Jetbond M


The semi-automatic testing device for fast and precise checking of ski bindings

Jetbond M - the semi-automatic measurement device for the checking of ski bindings


The MONTANA JETBOND M is especially suitable for customers who do not require a fully automatic operation for the checking of bindings. Thanks to the highly intuitive operator interface and a unique
leg simulator, the optimal setting for the ski binding can be determined, precisely set and tested within
two minutes.


  • Fast and problem free spanning of all different kinds of binding and skis
  • The leg simulator imitates the free torque perfectly and allows a very accurate and close to reality check
  • The bringing in of the leg simulator via the swivelling arm is fast and easy
  • No height adjustment needed
  • Client data can be issued as pdf fi les
  • Electronic saving of measurements and customer data to external devices possible


  • Scanner
  • Table with casters, scanner holder and card deposit
  • Norm sole for a fast pre-season check
  • Interfaces with rental software
  • Interfaces with Jetbase data base
  • Electronic data saving of clients data
  • Can be ordered with Laptop or Touch-PC

Technical data

Power:400 watt
Voltage:230 volt / 50/60 Hz
115 Volt / 50/60 Hz
Fuses:4 A
Length:1'030 mm
Width:537 mm
Height:904 mm
Weight:100 kg
Weight undercarriage:
47 kg
Total weight:
147 kg