Boot / Helmet Dryer Vario

Boot Rack Dryer Vario / Helmet Rack Dryer Vario

The boot rack for drying and storage

MONTANA Boot Rack Dryer Vario / Helmet Rack Dryer Vario


MONTANA BOOT RACK DRYER VARIO / HELMET RACK DRYER VARIO combines the advantages of a conventional boot shelving system with those of a fully automatic dryer. The combination dryer has a powerful, freely programmable heating and ventilation unit with switch-over function for ventilation or heating operations.

Dimensions / Capacities


Width50 cm
Height223 cm (246 cm)

Capacities boots*

LengthHeight 223 cm / 10 levels
Height 246 cm / 6 levels
150 cm50 pairs55 pairs
200 cm65 pairs72 pairs
240 cm80 pairs88 pairs
300 cm100 pairs110 pairs

* Capacity calculations are based on adult boots in size 27.5 

Capacities helmets

LengthHeight 223 cm / 11 levels
Height 246 cm /7 levels
150 cm72*-78** helmets84*-90** helmets
200 cm96*-104** helmets112*-120** helmets
240 cm120*-130** helmets140*-150** helmets
300 cm144*-169* helmets180*-195** helmets

*men's helmets / ** women's helmets


Additional shelves




The ionization tubes integrated directly in the air supply help neutralize odors.