Swingcarver on casters

Swingcarver on casters

The mobile storage rack for carving, wide and cross-country skis

MONTANA Swingcarver on casters


The MONTANA SWINGCARVER on casters is the perfect, mobile storage method for carving, wide and cross-country skis. The sports equipment is ideally presented at an angle of 40° in the SWINGCARVER, which can be easily moved around thanks to the casters on the undercarriage. The SWINGCARVER on casters is especially suitable for use in ski depots. The rack is powder-coated and is supplied with a drip tray and TOP panel.

Dimensions / Capacities


Width50 cm
Height146 cm
Length100 cm


Standard (Receptacle width 10,5 cm)Wide Body Ski (Receptacle width 15 cm)
12 pairs of skis10 pairs of skis