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DEPOT ski lockers

A lot of storage space for your ski depot

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Type 30cm for 2 persons
Type 45 cm for 3 persons
Type 70 cm for 5 persons

Storage space for your ski equipment. Take a look.

In the ski storage cabinets you can accommodate the ski equipment of up to five people. It offers plenty of storage space creates order and provides maximum comfort combined with the best possible safety. Heated or unheated, with every conceivable locking unit - we have the right version for you. Individual, adjustable and cost-effective.

The depot systems ensure comfortable storage and dry ski equipment in the ski depots of rental stations, mountain railroads, hotels and private individuals.

Convincing arguments for our ski lockers

Unique and numerous material combinations and individual design options - with our depot systems, your ski depot becomes an absolute eye-catcher with guaranteed feel-good character for your customers.

  • Whether a simple combination lock or a fully networked locking system: the locking options of the depot systems are diverse and tailored to your needs. In addition, the external appearance of the depot lockers can be optionally enhanced with customized logos or emblems
  • We offer a wide range of accessories and extras for even more comfort
  • The hygienic and comfortable storage of winter sports equipment is of central importance in every ski depot: the depot lockers have a sophisticated design for the elimination of water and moisture, so that an optimal cabinet or room climate prevails at all times


  • Perforated bottom: The perforated bottom allows the drainage of water, which inevitably passes through the sports equipment into the interior of the cabinet.

  • Floor mat: The removable and water-permeable floor mat reduces shocks and associated noise when depositing sports equipment. In addition, dirt can be removed easily and quickly.

  • Air vents: The air vents attached to the top of the cabinet ensure ideal air circulation and a perfect climate inside the cabinet.

  • Utensils net and clothes hook: If desired, the interior of the ski locker can be expanded with a net for utensils and a clothes hook. This creates additional order and allows space-saving storage.

  • LED interior lighting: Don't grope in the dark: the optional LED interior lighting, equipped with a door contact switch, illuminates the interior of the cabinet for comfortable handling when depositing and removing items.

  • Door design: The HPL or glass doors can be finished with custom design. Apply your desired design over an entire cabinet composition or choose a logo, which is repeatedly apparent on the individual cabinets.

  • Emblem: Emblems in shape and texture of your choice give each individual cabinet a particularly high-quality look.

Sheet steel

  • Corpus: Sheet steel
  • Door: Sheet steel, double-walled with honeycomb construction
    • Metal cabinets galvanized and powder coated
    • Stahldicke: 1.0 - 1.5 mm
    • In various RAL colors available


  • Corpus: Sheet steel
  • Door: HPL
    • Metal cabinets in combination with HPL solid core panel
    • HPL 13 mm
    • Available in various colors and designs


  • Corpus: Sheet steel
  • Door: Glass
    • Safety glass 10 mm
    • Smooth, clear, ornamented, colored
    • Motifs (backed or burnt)

More extras

  • Locking systems and manufacturer of your choice

  • Electric heating - environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and gentle on materials

  • Stable surfaces

  • Connection facing

  • Shelves height adjustable, coat hooks, clothes rods

  • Seats
  • Special solutions

Technical data


Width: 30 cm for 2 people
35 cm for 2 people 35 cm for 2+1 people
45 cm for 3 people
60 cm for 4-5 people
65 cm for 4-5 people
70 cm for 5 people
Height: 215 cm with closed base
220 cm with substructure
Depth: 56 cm

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