Bring skis, ski poles and snowboards to effective advantage by means of storage systems. Get precise plans and design proposals for your desired system - In 3D and AR.

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Storage rack for carving, wide and cross-country skis in the ski rental shop

Easy Hang

Powder coated hanging system for many sports equipment in a small space


Space saving ski storage rack for indoor and outdoor use


Variable storage rack for snowboards

Pole Rack

Flexible shelf for storage of ski and cross-country ski poles

Presentation Rack

Presentation stand for ski and snowboard

Transport Rack

Practical work cart for ski rental and ski service workshop

Service Rack

Handy trolley for ski service workshop


Trolley for the storage of six complete ski equipment

Boot/Helmet Dryer Vario

Ski boot and ski helmet rack for drying and storage

Boot Rack Air Depot

Depot cabinet with integrated dryer for ski and snowboard boots

Speed Dryer

Blower dryer for ski, snowboard and cross-country boots

Boot dryer

Environmentally and material friendly dryer for all ski equipment