All-In-One Service Roboter

All-in-one service robot

For many ski service operations, ski service robots take on the work in an automated fashion - from base repair to base and side edge grinding, edge tuning, and waxing and polishing.

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Crystal Magic

High-tech robots for ski and snowboard service in the premium segment

Ski Service Machine CRYSTAL MAGIC Front View Ski Tuning

Blue Pearl 2.0

High-performance ski service: fully automated, super-fast, non-stop

Ski service machine BLUE PEARL 2.0 front view

Crystal Onyx

High-end service robots for pure ski service

Skiservice-Maschine CRYSTAL ONYX Menue

Crystal Rock

The all-rounder for medium-sized and small workshops

Ski service machine CRYSTAL ROCK view

Crystal Race

The ski service robot for racing skis with impressive results.

Ski service machine CRYSTAL RACE front view

Crystal One 2.0

Combines precision and flexibility

CRYSTAL ONE 2.0 front view