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High Tech Robot for Ski and Snowboard Service in the Premium Segment

Crystal Magic
Crystal Magic
Ski Service Machine CRYSTAL MAGIC Touchscreen Display
Ski service machine CRYSTAL MAGIC loading system

Astonishingly high output per hour

This makes the CRYSTAL MAGIC ideal for workshops with medium to high ski service volumes. Modular in design, combine the machine with up to 5 out of a total of 9 different modules according to your needs and put together your desired version.

Two dimensions are constant - the rest is flexible! The control unit with 1,940 mm and the loading unit with 2,308 mm are fixed in size. How big the robot becomes depends on the number of modules! Each processing module has a size of 800 mm.

Skiservice robots from MONTANA are robust, high quality and durable. The machines are equipped with stable, easy-to-use software that allows you, among other things, to create, grind and adjust your desired structures over and over again. Our tested VARIO structures are already integrated.

Each service robot also grinds cross-country skis. High performance, low consumable costs and sustainable technology promise a long service life as well as a high resale value.

PRO technology for stone grinding

First, the ski receives a stone grinding with MONTANA PRO technology, which controls the grinding process even more finely and according to the ski geometry. For this purpose, the contact pressure on the running surface is individually controlled both from above and below by a highly precise pressure curve for each grinding stone. The result is excellent structural results combined with gentle processing. With the PRO technology, the harmonic movement that you also have when skiing is taken into the grinding process: The ski glides over the stone as if skiing over a hill.  Likewise, the grinding of the shovel and ski end is thus possible.  

Side edge preparation with GRIPtech

GRIPtech is the revolution in side edge preparation. This process grinds all functional points from the shovel to the end of the ski with a precise angle in RaceEdge quality. The unique feature: the grinding in a vertical direction creates microstructures that result in a sharp and durable edge with maximum durability.  

NEW: Side edge preparation with GRIPtech & RACEfinish in one module

Discover the perfect synergy: GRIPtech and RACEfinish - two groundbreaking technologies in one module. Learn more here.

Base-side MONTANA Radial Tuning

How does the ski become more turnable? With the MONTANA Radial Tuning. It tunes the skis in the wider area (shovel and tail area) more, so that the edges hang off more. In the binding area, the tuning angle is lower, which creates a perfect edge angle adapted to the curve. With the MONTANA Radial Tuning, the skis become much more turn-friendly - in particular, the edge grip under the binding is even better with it.

High Tech Ski Service Robot

With high performance in the smallest space, the CRYSTAL MAGIC grinds even corroded edges excellently.

For ski and snowboard service in the premium segment.


  • High performance in the smallest space
  • Automatic length and width measurement
  • Automatic stone­grinding with pressure curve
  • PRO technology for particularly gentle grinding even in the blade and end area
  • Double-sided edge grinding with GRIPtech system
  • Side edge grinding with freely programmable pressure curve.
  • Automatic correction for ski tip and ski tail possible
  • High-Tech Tuning (HTT) with Pro-­Technology & Radial Tuning
  • Race ski mode with computer­controlled speed curve for World Cup preparation
  • Integrated remote maintenance
  • 21" touch display with intuitive navigation

Technical data

Basic machine

Power: 1.5 kW
Voltage: 3 x 400 volts / 50/60 Hz, special voltage via transformer 
Fuse protection: 3 x 35 A
Tank capacity: 600 liters
Stone width: 320 - 340 mm
Stone speed: 300 - 1.900 rpm
Cutting speed: 6 - 32 m/s
Feed: 5 - 30 m/min
Compressed air: min. 6 bar, 1,100 l/min
Base weight: 2,025 kg 


  Stone / HTT           1 x GRIPtech (single)
2 x GRIPtech (dual)
GRIPtech with 3D tuning
Waxing WinTheRace     
Performance: 5.0 kW 3.5 kW 5.0 kW 3.0 kW
Module weight: 580 kg 575 kg 615 kg  550 kg 445 kg 

Machine length

  with 1 module with 2 modules with 3 modules with 4 modules with 5 modules with 6 modules
Machine length: 5.049 mm 5,849 mm 6,649 mm  7,449 mm 8,294 mm 9,050 mm

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For example, visit our demo center or virtually discover the special features of the CRYSTAL MAGIC.

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