Double grips better: GRIPtech & RACEfinish

Discover the perfect synergy! GRIPtech & RACEfinish - two breakthrough technologies in one module

GRIPtech & RACEfinish
Module part GRIPtech
Module part RACEfinish

The innovation: High-tech module for razor-sharp edges

With this innovative module, preparing your skis becomes a true experience. For premium skiers to professional racers, our combination of RACEfinish and GRIPtech offers unbeatable benefits that take skiing fun and safety on the slopes to a new level.


GRIPtech stands for ultimate grip and maximum driving fun.

With the precise grinding and a defined, uniform edge angle of 89°-86°, you get the optimum grip and best carving properties. The GRIPtech system grinds in a vertical direction, creating precise, sharp and durable edges.

All functional points of your sports equipment are ground in RaceEdge quality from the shovel to the end of the ski. In the process, the pressure curve is automatically adapted to the ski geometry, so that both strongly waisted and weakly waisted skis are optimally ground. In addition, you can adjust the pressure curve according to your own preferences.

This process allows for the longest possible sharpening life with minimal material removal. Even corroded edges are processed excellently. At the same time, the GRIPtech system offers high throughput and high efficiency.

Whether you ski or snowboard, with GRIPtech you achieve maximum riding pleasure.


RACEfinish perfectly complements GRIPtech and ensures a finish to perfection. 

Your side edges are precisely polished and given a long-lasting RaceEdge-quality finish.

The technology delights with automatic angle adjustment that can be saved in the recipe. So you get the precise result you expect every time.

Even on icy slopes, the long-lasting edge sharpening in RaceEdge quality ensures the best grip. The automatic operation and exact grinding pattern of the high-speed discs guarantee precise and perfected edge geometry.

Two high-speed discs produce a burr-free finish and allow angle adjustment in 0.5° increments. The two high-speed polishing discs ensure an even sanding pattern. This also optimizes the functional points of the ski.

RACEfinish takes into account the geometry of different ski types through programmable closing times and electronically controlled pressure curves that ensure a precisely defined grinding pressure at the grinding point.

The absolutely burr-free and polished side edge will satisfy all winter sports enthusiasts who have the highest demands.

Double grips better: GRIPtech & RACEfinish

Discover the perfect synergy! GRIPtech & RACEfinish - two groundbreaking technologies in one module.



  • Defined and uniform angle
  • Grinding of all functional points from the shovel to the end of the ski
  • Highest service life of the sharpness
  • Material-friendly removal
  • High throughput
  • Grinds even corroded edges excellently
  • High Economy
  • For ski and snowboard
  • Maximum riding pleasure


  • Automatic angle setting stored in recipe
  • From premium skiers to racers
  • Long-lasting edge sharpness
  • Riding pleasure and safety in perfection
  • Edge edges in RaceEdge-Quality
  • Automatic operation
  • Precise and exact edge geometry
  • Best grip on icy slopes

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