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Ski service machine CRYSTAL ROCK view
Ski service machine CRYSTAL ROCK front view
Ski Service Machine CRYSTAL ROCK Touchscreen Display

For small and medium-sized workshops

With a wide grinding stone, the CRYSTAL ROCK is the optimal system for small and medium-sized workshops. It is also ideal because both skis and snowboards can be machined. The new GRIPtech system for the side edge provides a quality leap in ski and board service: this produces a precise, sharp and durable edge in RACE EDGE quality. Together with RADIAL tuning, you get edges with unique properties.

Ski service robots from MONTANA are above average robust, high quality and durable. The machines are equipped with stable, easy-to-use software that allows you, among other things, to create, grind and adjust your desired structures over and over again. Our tested VARIO structures are already integrated.

Each MONTANA service robot also grinds cross-country skis. High performance, low consumable costs and sustainable technology promise a long service life as well as a high resale value. 

Side edge preparation with the GRIPtech system

GRIPtech is the revolution in side edge preparation: producing a precise edge. This process grinds all functional points from the shovel to the end of the ski with a precise angle in RACE EDGE quality. The result is maximum service life of the sharpening, combined with material-protecting abrasion. The unique feature: the grinding in the vertical direction creates microstructures that result in a sharp and durable edge.

Base-side radial tuning

With the MONTANA radial tuning, the skis become much more turn-friendly - in particular, the edge grip under the binding is thus even better. So that the edges hang off more, the skis are tuned more in the wider area, i.e. in the shovel and tail area. In the binding area, the tuning is done at a lower angle. This results in a perfect edge angle that is adapted to the curve.

Ski service robot for edges with unique features

The CRYSTAL ROCK ski service all-rounder is the perfect system for small and medium-sized workshops.


  • PowerVac vacuum system for suction of all ski and board surfaces 
  • Automatic stone grinding for 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard with pressure curve 
  • Race ski mode with computer controlled speed curve 
  • Double-sided edge grinding with GRIPtech system 
  • Stepless side edge 
  • Surface High Tech Tuning (HTT) of the edges 
  • RADIAL tuning 
  • Integrated remote maintenance 
  • Ready for "MONTANA Digital World"

Technical data


Power: max. 11 kW
Voltage: 3 x 400 volts / 50/60 Hz, special voltage via transformer
Fuse: 3 x 16 A
Stone width: 320 - 340 mm
Steel speed: 300 - 1.900 rpm
Cutting speed: 6 - 32 m/s
Feed: 5 - 30 m/min
Compressed air: min. 6 bar, 600 l/min
Total weight: 2,240 kg incl. emulsion

Dimensions manual loading

Length: 5,745 mm
Width: 1,364 mm
Height: 1,998 mm

Dimensions automatic loading

Length: 5,795 mm
Width: 1,607 mm
Height: 1,998 mm

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