Crystal Glide Finish

Crystal Glide Finish

MONTANA Crystal Glide Finish

The MONTANA CRYSTAL GLIDE FINISH guarantees exceptional quality in ski and snowboard servicing. The minimum requirement for the award of the quality label is
the use of both a MONTANA stone grinding unit and a MONTANA tuning machine.

3-phase promise: Base – edges – tuning

Through the use of MONTANA technology in all three phases, MONTANA guarantees optimally prepared winter sports equipment with impressive handling characteristics.
The interaction of all three phases is of particular importance.
A ski or board is only optimally prepared when the service procedures in all work processes,
from base preparation to edge grinding and right through to tuning, are of consistently
high quality and exacting precision.

Phase 1

Creates a fiber-free, completely smooth and structured base surface.

Phase 2

Provides side edges which are precisely ground at an exactly defined angle (87°, 88° or 89°) along the entire length.

Phase 3

Ensures absolutely smooth base side edges tuned at an angle of around 0.5° - 0.8° using Radial Tuning.