Digital World


Montana Digital World is the new Cloud Service from Montana, facilitating the speedy integration of current grinding robots.

Using this service, our customers can access all the important information regarding the system status, operations and usage, anytime and anywhere. Statistics on capacity and cycle times promote optimal operations. In the digital machine cockpit, the user receives a quick overview of the degree of wear suffered by the expendable materials, either on their PC, tablet or smart phone. This information allows for a good level of ­calculability with regards to the replacement of expendable materials.

Security is certain, as flexible user management ensures secure access to machine data as well as customised displays; Montana Digital World supports all current security standards in order to effectively protect our customers’ data.

Examples of retrievable information:

  • Status, workload, throughput
  • Consumables – status, remaining time, usage ­statisics
  • Quantities per day, recipies, customers

Montana Digital World is accessible:

  • From any location worldwide via the internet
  • Using any common end device via the web ­browser
  • Securely via a server localised in Germany (German Data Protection Directive)
  • With user-defined access authorisation
  • For encrypted and certified data transfer

The MONTANA Cockpit establishes the ­transparency that is necessary for our customers to achieve the best possible efficiency. With MONTANA DIGITAL WORLD, real-time processes can be viewed anywhere at any time. Preventative maintenance and automated services produce the best work results every day.