GRIPtech system

MONTANA GRIP tech – The revolution in preparing the side edge

The MONTANA GRIPtech grinds in a vertical direction. The result is a precise, sharp, and durable edge. All functional areas of the sports equipment are gently ground to RACE EDGE quality from start to finish, without grooves.


Advantages GRIPtech system

  • Precise and steady angle
  • Outstanding RACE EDGE quality surface
  • Grinds all functional areas from shovel to tail
  • Longest lasting sharpness
  • Grinding is gentle on the material
  • Maximum output with consistent Quality
  • Excellent results even on corroded edges
  • High cost efficiency
  • For skis and snowboards
  • Ultimate skiing and snowboarding pleasure

    Side edge pressure curve

    The GRIPtech system auto-matically adjusts the pressure curve to the shape of the ski. Meaning both narrow and wide waist skis receive an optimal grind. The pressure curve can be adjusted to your preferences to be gentle on the tip and the tail of the ski.