Martin Poletti Ski Service CRYSTAL MAGIC

Our Principles

What we stand for and why we love what we do.

Feel the pure fun and adrenaline rush on the slopes - breathe in the fresh, clean mountain air - marvel in awe at the impressive mountain panoramas - absorb the calming silence of the snow trickling from the fir trees... Far away from everyday life, with an extra boost of vitamin D.

The Montana team enjoys a respectful, friendly atmosphere. Encouraging and trusting the skills of our employees and paying attention to individual needs creates a great atmosphere and a sense of well-being. Our employees are motivated and full of passion for their job. Long-standing specialists and a breath of fresh air from the next generation complement each other perfectly. This means we always have our finger on the pulse without compromising on quality

Skier skiing down the slope
Skier skiing down icy slope

For a perfect snow sports experience

you need equipment that is just as perfect. And this is where we come in. Our goal is to prepare skis and snowboards so well that every turn you make becomes an experience.

Skiing should be relaxing. Grippy side edges, ski bases that glide and turn easily, and base structures for any snow conditions are a must. The same applies to optimal binding adjustment. Our ski service machines take care of this.

Touring has been a matter close to our hearts since MONTANA was founded. We are constantly researching and developing better, more comfortable and more sustainable climbing skins and adhesions.

We are also working on products and systems for convenient, fast processes and professional storage in the store, rental and depot areas.

We take our responsibility as a reliable employer

very seriously. For many specialists and managers, appreciation and relevance to a company count more than salary/salary or title these days. That is why human resources work has a high priority at MONTANA.

The individual employee should benefit from the cooperation to the same extent as the entire company. In this way, we rely on our colleagues feeling comfortable in the company in the long term and secure MONTANA's expertise for the future.

Hands sustainability tree
Outstretched hands with small tree for sustainability

Sustainable action is a basic attitude

With our products, we want to contribute to environmental and climate protection and counteract the scarcity of resources.

We are pleased that this topic is finally getting the attention it deserves. Ski servicing in itself counts as a sustainable use of materials. Apart from safety and enjoyment on the slopes, skis and snowboards can be used for much longer if they are serviced regularly. The lower the material removal during grinding, the better. 

MONTANA machines are built with very high-quality materials that they still achieve a high resale value even after 10, 15 and more years in use. The technical processes in the machines and meticulous service & maintenance also contribute to this - everything is aimed at keeping the robots as long as possible while maintaining the same quality. We succeed very well in this.

With WinTheRace, we have long offered an environmentally friendly and biodegradable alternative to conventional wax. It is easier to use, even for customers who subsequently want to cover their skis themselves. This willingness to switch to WinTheRace comes, we hope, with the current attention to sustainability.